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Passenger Systems Program Directorate - Traveler Processing and Vetting Software

August 31st, 2020 - Alexandria, VA

SimonComputing has signed a subcontract agreement with the winner of the PSPD TPVS contract. This allows SimonComputing to continue its mission critical support of the Passenger Systems Program Directorate, which is responsible for facilitating legitimate international travel while protecting our borders.

We were part of the incumbent team and have been modernizing and building inspection systems for air, land and sea ports of entry, developing biometric capture systems and building public facing internet sites that supported multiple trusted traveler programs to name just a few of the most visible work that we’ve done there.

We are honored to be able to continue our legacy of support to PSPD since our inception August 1, 2020, making this an 18 year continuous run where we have shepherded the modernization and transformation as well as the creation of many new systems, utilizing open source tools, CI/CD and the cloud.