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SimonComputing's Internship Program

Want to know what it's like to build software in a professional team setting?

Every summer we offer an internship program tailored for Computer Science and Computer Engineering students. This is a high quality program run by our Technology Innovations Lab, the organization at SimonComputing responsible for the continuous refinement of our software development processes and tools.

This is a 9 week, fully immersive software development experience taking you from beginning to end of the software development process. It follows the same process our software development teams go through to build high quality products.

We use current open-source technologies including:

  1. Front End Technologies: React/Redux/TypeScript/Material UI
  2. Back End Technologies: SpringBoot/Java/JPA/Hibernate
  3. Databases: PostgreSQL
  4. Cloud Environment: AWS Cloud, Kubernetes,
  5. CI/CD Pipeline: Git/Gitlab, Jenkins, SonarQube

This training program will expose you to our Agile software development process which is informed by a number of different Agile disciplines including: Scrum, Extreme Programming, Lean Software, Google Venture's Design Sprint and Event Storming to name a few.


2-3 years Java and/or C programming experience. Experience in similar languages will be considered.

How to apply:

  1. We actively recruit twice a year at local colleges (UVA, VT, GMU). Visiting our booth is the best opportunity to get to know us and to let us know about you. You'll get to meet developers and former interns to find out about their experiences at SimonComputing. If you feel the program fits your needs, apply on line at our web site so that we have an electronic copy of your application.
  2. To apply online, go to: