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2016 Spring Recruiting Events

We are back on the road again and looking for both interns and junior developers. Many changes are in store for students this year. We already have an excellent internship and training program where students have learned a great deal while making friends and having fun along the way. We are working on getting more of our development staff directly engaged with the students and bringing hardware elements to next years session.

A couple of changes are being made for our recruiting processs to get more interviews in and make the process easier. We could not get back to many candidates last year. If you were interested and didn't get a chance for an interview or didn't get an offer, please feel free to try again.

Hope to see you at our booth!

About the t-shirt logo: We've been thinking about a super hero themed t-shirt for a while and Clarisse mocked something up to get us going. This was then modified to the final design shown above. It is a play on Flash Gordon with a modified version of our logo. The original had white in the center. Interestingly, when we sampled it on the t-shirt site, it deleted the white and it actually looked better, so we kept it.

March 10, 2016

Update: We had a great response to our recruiting efforts and have filled all positions. If you are getting to us late, please check us out in the Fall when we are back out to the career fairs.