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2015 Fall College Recruiting Update

We kicked off this fall with a new set of banners and t-shirts. Many thanks to our developer/artist Michael Moy for coming up with the designs. He has really raised the bar on our t-shirt designs.

It's always a fun time when we visit the colleges and this trip did not disappoint! Our feet were tired, but we were happy to have met so many smart and enthusiastic candidates. It was also great seeing our previous interns who stopped by to say hi. Thanks to everyone that made the effort to come visit our booth - you made our day.

We are sorting through the resumes now and will be reaching out to the first round of interviewees in the next few weeks.

Here is Art enthusiastically talking about his projects to a prospective intern...

Art Speaking

And Clarisse explaining a day in the life of an intern at SimonComputing...

Clarisse Speaking

Here I am reviewing resumes from the job fairs.

Simon Reviewing Resumes

Recruiting Update:

We will be back to recruiting at the universities next month. We had many offers out to previous interns and this restricted the number of candidates we could contact last Fall. We have a few more slots open and we will be looking to filling them in the next few recruiting events.

Hope to see everyone there!