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Border Enforcement and Management Systems Directorate (BEMSD) - BEAGLE

Simon Woo

 on February 27, 2020 at 1:38 PM

Alexandria, VA - SimonComputing has secured a subcontract role with Northrop Grumman, a major partner to CACI on the Border Enforcement Applications for Government Leading EDGE IT or BEAGLE. This is the follow-on contract to the Border Enforcement and Management Systems Directorate IDIQ contract held by Unisys.

SimonComputing started it’s support at BEMSD on April 30, 2012, solving some deployment problems with the Firearms, Armor and Credential Tracking System (FACTS) project. That grew into a rewrite of that project and support work on other BEMSD systems.

We later won the SEACATS Modernization Architecture and Planning contract at BEMSD on August 1, 2014, where we successfully established the architecture and program plan for the Modernization of Seized Asset Case Tracking System (SEACATS) program. That was a one year effort and we later worked on the implementation with Unisys where our staff became the subject matter expert on SEACATS.

We integrated the legacy staff into our entire modernization effort from concept, to design and implementation. This allowed us to combine the design ideas and lessons learned from the legacy team with the knowledge and experience of the modernization team. The result was a very well thought out and highly successful modernization of a 15+ year old system with hundreds of millions of records in less than 3 years.

This subcontract marks the 8th year supporting BEMSD.

Contract Details:

Prime: CACI
Value: $1.8B
Duration: 7 Year Contract
Vehicle: GSA Alliant 2